Stair Risers – Paint or use Riser Covers?


Hey this may seem like a really dumb question, but the more I think about this seemingly simple job, the more it seems like it might be harder than I initially thought.I recently had the carpets ripped out of my house and the hardwood floors refinished. The top treads of my stairs are all nice and finished, but the risers have stain and poly splashed on them.I’m afraid that I may mess up the nicely finished tops if I try to get a nice sanding on the risers (in the corners where the 2 surfaces meet).I’m thinking that it may be easier to just use some riser covers that are painted white. I read that people sometimes use 1/8″ masonite for this type of thing. My concern is that this may not look as good as just painting…So I’m just looking for some opinions about which one you think is better?Thanks! via /r/DIY

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