And onto the floor, my closest friend linoleum, linoleum.


Maybe one of you wonderful people can provide some guidance with my linoleum problem in the basement I am refinishing.So, I have a 120 year old house. The basement was finished to a degree when the house was built, then “updated” sometime in the 80s with, inter alia, shit linoleum floor. It seems at the time of installing the linoleum in the 80s, they took up whatever was originally put on the concrete and just slapped the linoleum down on the roughed surface.Now here we are in 2021, and the surface under the linoleum essentially turns to dirt once the linoleum is pulled up. But the good news is, the linoleum is really stuck on and not going anywhere unless you fuck with it. The basement is also phenomenally dry, with zero dampness unless something weird happens (we had a burst pipe outside once that caused some leakage in a small section).I am now in the process of refinishing the entire basement. Its massive, about 1000 sq ft complete with kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, laundry room, secret room behind a bookshelf, etc. I originally wanted to do a floating floor with vapor barrier, but that is turning out to be cost prohibitive. So, I’ve decided to just tile the entire thing in various styles.My question is, if I put the tile directly on top of the above described linoleum situation, do I risk it breaking and turning to garbage if there is the slightest bit of water? Are there any other better solutions for this type of situation which wouldent break the bank? If I can put tile directly down, will a hand circular sander be sufficient to rough up the linoleum?Thank you! via /r/DIY

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