Draining rainwater directly into soil


So our backyard has a large area covered in concrete, and one large section is a step lower than the rest. When it rains, this area basically turns into a swimming pool. I live in SoCal, so it doesn’t rain a lot, but when it does it fills up our backyard and takes forever to evaporate away. We also have an outdoor faucet in this area, so anytime we use that we end up with a puddle, too.I was worried the only solution would be to somehow dig out a drainage channel that leads to our driveway where it would drain to the street. However, I talked to a friend, and he suggested I simply drill a hole through the concrete at the lowest level, so the water just drains directly into the soil underneath. I was wondering if this is a viable solution? Or could it somehow ruin the concrete, damage nearby foundations etc? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3puC0FE

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