Hiding Nail Holes


I posted the same in /HomeImprovement, I tried crossposting but couldn’t on mobile so here’s a duplicate.I recently did a small shiplap project. I filled the nail holes in with Dry-Dex with my finger, and then dabbed them with paint when the spackle was dry. Prior to nailing, the surface had a coat of primer and a coat of paint.When viewed from the side, the nail hole areas are obvious – either residue from where I rubbed the spackle in (which I thought would be masked by the paint) or the new paint (although I doubt that).What should I do so that next time I fill in nail holes, I can hide them without this ugly result?Thank you!https://ift.tt/3r6evn4 via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3cm81fo

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