Insulating Century Home Attic Ceiling – Have Questions


Howdy,Thanks for reading; please bear in mind that I know very little about construction. My goal is to add warmth to the attic on a modest budget, without compromising the current mould-free conditions.Attic photosI have 32 bays that are about 12.75’ long, from 21.75” to 22.25” wide, and 4” deep. The R-number for my area in southern Ontario is R-60. I am working with unvented soffit and 5 roof pot vents. I did some research but couldn’t find much pertaining to my specific situation.For the purposes of cost and ease, I had originally wanted to go with fibreglass batt and baffles, but I’m not sure if this is even viable – the 4” bay depth doesn’t allow for many options.Any recommendations or advice on how to insulate my attic ceiling?Bonus question #1 – Is it okay to insulate the attic walls in a century home? Or at least caulk up the horizontal cracks?Bonus question #2 – two of the pot vents have metal meshing on the inside of the ceiling, and three do not. I have seen water droplets come in through the un-meshed holes – is it safe to mesh these open holes and maybe impede some incoming drops?Thanks again for taking the time, and advice is much appreciated. via /r/DIY

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