Question about rectified porcelain floor tiles and grout lines

I’m putting new floor tile in my kitchen. I found a color I love in a style I love, and they’re on sale for a very low price right now. They are 6×24 “wood look” rectified porcelain tiles.Everything I’ve read about rectified vs pressed is that rectified are meant for very very thin grout lines, and therefore are harder to install because there is less forgiveness in any sort of unevenness, lippage, etc.Well, I don’t need/want a razor-thin grout line. A normal grout line, like those recommended for the “pressed” varieties of these wood-look tiles is just fine. Plus, I’m not a pro by any means. This will be my third tile job ever, so I much prefer the options that allow for some forgiveness.So, my question is this: Is there anything wrong with using rectified tiles with a normal/wider grout line (such as 1/8″), or do these tiles pretty much require the ultra-narrow grout line? I really want to grab up these tiles, but if “pressed” is the way I ought to go, then I’ll have to find something else.Thanks! via /r/DIY

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