Sump Pump Cycling


A few months back I replaced a broken pump with a new 1/2 hp cast iron pump. I have recently noticed that the new pump is cycling, like clockwork, every 3.5 minutes.So far I’ve done the following…Replaced the check valveDrilled a 3/16″ hole to clear up potential air-lockIt still seems to be happening and when I watch the sump all seems to be working correctly but it just fills back up very quickly. There is about 12ft of 1 1//2 pipe between the pump and the check valve (4 ft vertical, 4 ft horizontal, 4 ft vertical) and when I watch it seems as though that water flowing back into the sump is basically raising the level high enough to trigger the float switch again.I’m not seeing a way to adjust the float switch on my pump to allow for a higher water level, but is there any issue with me placing a second check valve on the first vertical run of pipe inside of the basin, close to the pump to stop water from flowing back in? via /r/DIY

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