Combo Concrete Expansion Joints and Drainage Piping


I have a problem where a section of my driveway, which has expansion joints running across the width as well as a single expansion joint running down the middle, is “sagging” inward toward the center where two expansion joints cross each other. The problem obviously is getting exacerbated over time since water pools here when it rains, and I’m on the gulf coast of Texas, so it rains a lot.I am planning on tearing out the existing expansion joints and replacing them with multiple small bore PVC pipes running from a collection hub at the center of this area where the expansion joints intersect (i.e. stack two or three small bore pipes on top of one another as the XJ to maximize flow area). I’m thinking of using backer rod to pack the outside gaps between each layer of PVC, and possibly sealing between each layer of PVC. I’d seal over the top pipe with self leveling sealant, then I’d route PVC underground along the driveway and down to the street, running from the PVC pipe expansion joints and thereby routing all the water to the street.I can’t find anything on the internet about such a design. Anyone ever done this? Any thoughts on use of PVC vs other materials? And any suggestions on packing and sealing between and over the PVC expansion joints?Thanks! via /r/DIY

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