Expansion Space for Gluing Down Wood Floor?


Pictures first for context: https://ift.tt/36nujtu recently redid my closet space and it went well but I need some help with how to finish the floor. I ripped out the carpet and installed a floating bamboo floor. I followed the manufacture’s guidance on leaving expansion space around the edges and cut the door frame within the closet so the floor could go under it. The tricky part is the door way into the closet space. The threshold is slightly sloped and the door frame was beyond my ability to undercut because it is part of a plaster/brick wall. The doorway to go into the closet used to be an exterior door to the sleeping porch (this is an almost 100-year-old house) but like 20 years back the sleeping porch was converted into a walk-in closet.My workaround solution was to install the floating floors up to the point where the threshold starts to slope and then I plan to glue down a board and cover the spaces between on each side of the glued down board with a T-type molding. I’ve cut a board and the T molding pieces so that they fit fairly snug into the space. Do I need to leave expansion space on the sides for the board I’m planning on gluing down?Also, I’m aware that my solution isn’t the most clean or professional looking but I’m going to stick with it for now. I may redo our bedroom floor in a year or two and would probably change the threshold set-up then. Thank you! via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3r8qTmy

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