I’m a beginner and need some help in choosing a Faucet line extension


Currently im in need of a little bit of help to purchase the correct water supply lines. The reason being is that recently I installed a new faucet but the lines were a couple of inches short. My old and new faucet both used 3/8 female to connect to the water supply/shut-off valve which is i presume 3/8 male threaded as it connected with my old faucet perfectly.Google AlbumI wanted to ask whether or not this product on amazon would help in any way, it has both female and male 3/8 but i don’t really understand the compression terminology. Will this work in my use case as it’ll extend the 3/8 faucet connection? Any help would be greatly appreciated via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3oueJlX

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