Is a “Base” Required for a Dishwasher? Or can it sit directly on the sub floor?

I’m installing a new dishwater to replace an old one. The floors in the kitchen were previously replaced but I think they just stripped the linoleum and dropped the new tile on top. They also left the old dishwasher in place – it was a bear to get the old dishwasher out, had to trim the countertop (but it’s old and will be replaced sooner rather than later). Obviously, the original floor was never extended under the dishwasher, they just put a piece of particle board down to raise it off the sub floor.QuestionCan I install the new dishwasher resting on the bare sub floor or do I need a base of some sort under it? FWIW, the new dishwasher is a Bosch.Background:Plumbing is fine. I’ll be running the drain and water hoses through the larger hole on the right into the sink cabinet.Electrical is fine. I’ve drilled a new hole to re-route the cable from the from of the dishwasher cabinet to the rear. The current hole at the from will not work due to the base of the new dishwasher.I’ve searched google (and reddit) but cannot find an answer specific to my situation. The cabinets will be replaced sooner rather than later and I could have a decent “rough” floor installed at that time. That will, of course, depend on the new countertops. I’m installing a wall plug for the dishwasher (it came with a plug in cord) so removal for the new floor will not be an issue. If there is an answer to this question feel free to just post the link.The sub floor is 1.5” below the surface of the new tile. The old dishwasher sat on a piece of 3/4” particle board.The bare sub floor in the dishwasher cabinet. I’ll just let the dishwasher sit on this (if possible) for now.The image above shows the bare sub floor with a new hole I drilled for the electrical connection. I’d prefer to toss that old piece of particle board – it has some water damage and I cannot see it providing any sort of protection. I’m uncertain if it was serving any functional purpose however, hence my question. I think. all it was doing was raising the old dishwasher to close the gap between the dishwasher and the counter.​This just shows the particle board laid down and covering the sub floor. It’s grotty so I’ll be tossing it.A perfect example of going to do one job and uncovering several other issues… Thanks.Edit: Apologies for the image being rotated 90 degrees. It is correct in my library. via /r/DIY

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