Turn off streaming listings on Roku TV over the air guide

Mixing hundreds of streaming channels with the standard over the air channels was a bad move for Roku to make on the Roku tv’s. It even appears to slow down the interface because all of the tv guide information has to load.  The frustration is compounded by the remote not having channel buttons.  The remote is great when you just have a few channels but extremely daunting flipping through hundreds of channels.  Thankfully Roku listened to their consumers finally and added a way to turn off the streaming tv channels mixing with the “OTA” over the air channels.  Below I’ve included simple instructions for turn this feature off for a Sharp Roku TV. Your Roku TV interface may very depending on the tv. 

First select “Settings” 

Next select “TV inputs and then select “Live TV”

Once you are in “Live TV” there will hopefully be a button that reads “Hide streaming TV channels”

Select “Hide streaming TV channels” and select “Hide all” so it is checked. 
That should be all you need to do to fix this issue.  

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