Laminate flooring panels slipping apart – best fix?


Had my house about 6 years, it was refurbished and flipped by the guy we bought it from and have had many years of fun fixing the crap job they did with it (looked great on the surface, underneath it was shoddy).The latest one is I’ve noticed a couple of the flooring panels slipping apart. There’s this one and the one next to it (you can just about see the gap at the top of the panel where it disappears under the wall. Taking this photo just now I’ve realised a third one in the doorway is just starting to slip too.Pics: panels extend up into the kitchen and go under the sink, and obviously they weren’t flush to the exterior wall and have started to inch up the room.Is fixing it as easy as hammering the end of them back down under the sink (assuming I can get into that space properly) or do I need to pull the whole lot up and re-lay them? L via /r/DIY

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