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I have a pair of lovely kitter cats and I thoroughly enjoy building furniture for them. My last project was a 7’6″ tall “castle” and they seem to love it. I included litterboxes in it as well, and they act as the only two litter boxes in the house atm. Luckily, they’re both fairly large and my two cats have no issue sharing them. I made the mistake of using cheap carpet material, however, and they have managed to shred it like you wouldn’t believe… I previously made a “cat shelf” for them using normal carpet (the sort with the cross weave fibers on the back side to reinforce it) and, while the destruction is less thorough, the spots that were destroyed are far more obtrusively obvious, as home furnishings go. There are fiber shreds poking out of everywhere, by now, on that project. The cheap and easily “shredable” carpet I used on the castle at least still mostly covers the wood… Although, it’s multiplied about 5 fold in volume since the cats received it…

To those with experience making cat-exclusive furnishings, what sort of carpet have you found to hold up best to the constant wear and tear? And is there a better way to attach it to the wood? I’m already using tens of thousands of staples and hot-gluing seams. I’ve also tried sisal rope, but my cats are monsters….

Finally, I’d like to make cat furniture to sell eventually, but shipping costs increase with weight. Does anyone know of a supplier of something like “low-density-fiberboard” or a similar plywood alternative, by chance?


Edit: The auto-mod says that I’m required to specify my prior research into said questions before posting or before I’m allowed to talk to actual moderators, so here we go. I’ve tried looking for what carpeting materials commercial cat furniture makers use via google, but all I’ve been able to find thus far are products unavailable in small quantities (<500 sqft). I dont have quite the funds for this, and honestly, I dont trust these products’ durability any more than traditional carpet. I’ve dissected a few commercial products in the past and found the “carpeting” material to be of very low quality.. My guess as to why they weren’t destroyed is that the cats they homed with didn’t actually *use* them. This rather seems to defeat the point of the product entirely, however.

Additionally, I have tried to buy low-density fiberboard from the one supplier I found online, but they refused to give be any sort of product specifications until I’d made an order, which struck me as a huge red flag. I’ve had no luck in researching low-density plywood, what-so-ever. I have considered using less thick plywood (currently using 7/16th”) but I’m not sure at what spans they can reliably hold a large cat.

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