New Kitchen … Free-ish.


The wife and I have been wanting to redo our kitchen for years. Purchased our house with a 30 year mortgage and payed on it for 14 years, refinanced once for lower percentage rate and same amount of years left to payoff. Now with interest rates dropping as low as they are, we refinanced again for a 15 year (16 left on old mortgage) with less monthly payments and took out about 13K to redo the kitchen. We did much of the work ourselves and the money went to materials. This process was a nightmare for many reasons, but in the end we absolutely love the result. There were Covid delays every step of the way with 2-month delays in getting the new cabinets and another nearly 2 months delays in getting the countertops installed. Picked out a slab, had it cut, then it was broken when loading the truck for installation … more delays. Also had a 4.5-lb bee hive in the water turn-off box that had to be dealt with to remove/install sink cabinet. I post this because 1) we love the new kitchen (minus the process delays); 2) The cost of this awesome kitchen was a few months of discomfort for 1 year less in paying a mortgage (WIN-WIN). On top of that, we are paying the same monthly amount as before (new mortgage is less) and set up bi-weekly payments, so the house will be paid off even sooner … with a new kitchen! I learned a LOT in the process and have a few new tools for the next project (this is my first kitchen remodel). Hopefully other DIY’ers (AKA too frugal to pay someone else top dollar to do it for you … at least that is my case) find this inspiring and a way to accomplish their house dream renovations for “free” (interest savings).

Old Kitchen

New Kitchen

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