Exterior Wall Rain Lean


Yesterday into today, my area has been hit with some blizzard like conditions (mostly sleet and rain though). Today when I came home, I noticed a spot on my wall where the ceiling met the wall was discolored from rain/water damage. It never leaked before and the bedroom above shows no signs of water damage.

When I cut away the damaged drywall, I noticed a joist had yellow foam sprayed next to it. The water appears to be leaking from under the foam. My question is, what would that foam even be there for in the first place? And secondly, aside from the foam being the culprit, what would be our best bet to stop that leak?

Edit to include 2 photos:


I don’t have a picture of the outside view yet, but there is a window who’s edge lines up about with the leak.

Submitted February 01, 2021 at 03:11PM by Mr_Goat89 https://ift.tt/2YCfa36

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