Composite Material Purchasing in Japan


Hi guys. I’m currently living in Japan, and am an Engineering student (studying online of course).For my research/dissertation, I need to carry out experiments with composite materials. Ideally, I want to purchase unidirectional fibered laminate composites. Ideally they need to be around the following dimensions: 30mm x 250mm x 5mm. But as long as the laminates are thin and can be handled easily, size is not an issue.I was wondering if anyone can help me to find a store, provider, or company which can supply such material? Ideally in Japan or in the Asia region. But if such stores exist abroad and can deliver within a relatively short notice, kindly let me know. Any help will be very much appreciated.Thank you!(I know that woven carbon fibers are easily available in DIY stores, but it is not what I need, because I need to carry out simulations as well. Simulating woven-fiber composites is very tedious) via /r/DIY

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