GFCI Install Fail


I purchased 2 boxes of 20A GFCI outlets, because our new house doesn’t have any GFCI outlets. Tried to replace an outlet on the back deck with GFCI. It didn’t work. The standard outlet that we’re replacing works, and worked after we put it back in.Question: The GFCI receptacles I purchased are 20A but the breaker is 15A, would this prevent the GFCI from working?Also, the outlet I’m trying to replace is outside, on a deck where we use power tools, wouldn’t it be better to replace the 15A breaker with a 20A breaker?Any other ideas as to why the GFCI is not working would be most appreciated. Also, it might be helpful to know that there is only 1 black (hot), 1 white (neutral) and a ground in the box. via /r/DIY

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