Method/tool for cutting a hollow-core masonite door with minimal damage/splintering


Hello there!Title describes it all! I have 2 hollow masonite doors that I need to rip down a few inches each. Last time I cut one of these doors was a few years back, and I remember the cut being frayed and splintered (although at that time I very weill could have been using the wrong or dull tool).Is there a preferred method for cutting to get a nice, clean edge? I have a circular saw, table saw, sawzall, jigsaw, rotozip, angle grinder, dremel tools, hacksaw, and handsaw(s), so I have quite a few options. Fine tooth? Fast speed? I don’t mind cutting by hand as well.Thanks in advance!And, since I had to resubmit: they must relate to a specific aspect of a project, include the research you’ve done to find an answer yourself and explain why that research didn’t answer your question via /r/DIY

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