Which philip screwdriver size do I need?


I read the part about philips screws here https://ift.tt/3rhK90S I don’t know how they measure the sizes of the screw and how they determine the screw number, so I don’t know which philips screw would correspond to the screw I want to unscrew. It’s really confusing when searching Google.Does a wood screw use a different measurement than the machine screw and tapping screw? Which part of the screw do they measure?I know it’s the head of the screw, but which part of the head of the screw? I measured the screw I want to unscrew. It is about8mm from one end of cross to the other end, and it’sabout 15mm diameter across the whole head.So which Philip screwdriver should I be using for this screw? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3azX7Ag

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