Help with nut size


Hi there, I have an antique set of drawers with brass handles attached to each drawer to pull it out. Each handle is attached to the drawer with long, skinny bolts 1/8″ in diameter, held in place with a nut on the inside of the drawer. It looks like one of the nuts has gone missing, so I’m looking for a replacement nut. I went to Home Depot to try and find one, but was quickly overwhelmed by the selection. I Googled 1/8″ nut, and what was returned was a #5 nut, which HD doesn’t stock. The next size up is a #6, but the diameter of that nut appeared to be far too small. I’m looking for help in selecting the correct nut size. Also, going forward is there a handy guide I can use? I searched this subreddit but couldn’t find anything like a nut size guide. via /r/DIY

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