My son pulled off moldy caulking around the tub


Pretty straight forward; we bought an older house(around 70 years) with the intent on slowly repairing it to increase its value. The bathroom isn’t currently a target for repairs, so when we spotted a little black forming around the edges of the tub where the caulking was, we didn’t plan to do much about it at the time being, as we’re going to replace the tub in a year or two…..I just hopped out of the shower and noticed the caulk clearly has been peeled off and Squirreled away behind a shower basket, with my 8 year old son being the prime suspect;is there any health concerns for him disturbing it?should I be replacing the entirety of the caulk? The area that was removed? Or would the seal that formed over the years maintain until we replace it?should I be scrubbing the area clean now that it’s exposed?how stupid was it to ignore it in the first place while I’m here? via /r/DIY

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