First time homeowners in trouble.


So the short is that me and my gf are first time homeowners and we were tearing our kitchen down to find old termite damage. We’ve been able to fix most of it but I am at a standstill.The kitchen was extended into the two car garage and the old support beam had termite damage. We braced the the rafters and ceiling joints with temporary support structure. However being a new DIYourselfer homeowner, I having a hard time finding info on what type of wood to replace the damaged support beams with.My intention was to buy 2 2″×8″×10′ beams and sandwich a 7 layer piece of plywood between them for extra rigidity and strength. Originally I wanted to used 2 pieces of engineered wood but these are not that easy to find in my area at the moment.I would appreciate any help from someone with experience in the matter. Thank you via /r/DIY

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