Thoughts on mixed hardwoods in a home?


My husband and I are in the process of choosing hardwoods for our second floor. The carpet is old and well, it’s carpet and we would like to replace it. We plan to install them ourselves. Our dilemma is that the hardwoods downstairs are an older honey oak color, 2 3/4” wide boards. They are not really our style or a modern choice. We would like to have them refinished and stained to match what we decide to put upstairs at some point, but we are concerned with the stair transition and the whether or not it will look odd to have two types of flooring in the home in the interim. We are specifically looking at either a solid hardwood oak in 3 1/4” width, light brown/spice oak finish or an engineered oak, 4” wide in similar color. If the floors on both levels were similar in color, would the difference in width matter? I am on the fence.Thoughts? via /r/DIY

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