r/DIY Repairs to AdvantageAir Zone Control II Power Supply


This is a fix I did a few years ago. The AdvantageAir Zone Control II Power Supply is prone to failure in countries with 240VAC household voltages which reveals itself with the zone control lights going on and off randomly without use.After isolating the 240vac power via your a/c circuit breaker or other safe method of isolation and confirming that the unit has powered down, cut the 4 wire cable close to the old power pack end and re-used that cable as mentioned later. I didn’t like the idea of the dual power supply in one as it just seems too much to cram into one pack so I used a 24vac power pack and a 9vdc power pack and a standard household power board and connected it all up to the 4 wire cable mentioned above.For the 24vac, it connects two the 2 white wires on the 4 wire cable and it doesn’t matter which white wire connects to which 24vac wire because it’s ac. For the 9vdc, the positive connects to the red on the 4 wire cable and negative to the black wire. You can get the two power packs at any electrical store for probably $50-60 at a guess, but in my case, I had all the parts in my shed. I knew my weird habit of keeping old power packs would come in handy one day. The 24vac was from an old retic controller and the 9vdc was an old wireless house phone charger.If your re-using something like I did, all you need to check is that the voltage is the same (including the ac/dc part) and that the current is at least the same as the original spec on the old power pack.If your attempting this you almost certainly already know this but be careful to make the connections safe by soldering and insulating generously with electrical tape or heatshrink or both in my case, or alternatively, use a junction box with terminal strip for the four connections which should only cost you $10-20 from your local Electrical Distributor.​https://ift.tt/36WL0w3 via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2Z0pxOA

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