Recently light switch went out, but can’t figure out why circuit won’t complete?


So here it is.So I have a pretty old house and recently the light for the bathroom went out. The switch on the right is the bathroom light, the switch on the left is the fan in the shower.I have racked my brain forever trying to figure out what’s wrong and it seems obvious but I can’t put my finger on it. From what we can gather, the way it was wired and the way it’s oriented in the pics and diagram the hot one seems to be the top right wire. They then jumped it to the top left and then the bottom two go the fixtures.What’s confusing me is that when I test the circuit, no matter what orientation, I cannot get a circuit for the right switch. If I put the circuit tester ends on the two screws, nothing. From what I understand even if the wire to the fixtures was bad if I put the circuit tester on the two screws it should still complete and show it works.And I have replaced both light switches. The ones in the photo are brand new.Our next step is to see if splitting the hot wire before the switch does anything (as soon as it stops snowing so we can go get more stuff) but I’m not sure why that would have caused problems so suddenly. via /r/DIY

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