Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve


First time homeowner. Smart enough to know what you’re talking about, but not enough to diagnose issues on my own.I recently had my water heater (50gal electric) replaced and there is still water coming out of the pressure relief valve and draining into the bucket that I had set there for the old water heater, which had a similar issue, but to a much higher degree.The research that it could be caused by influxes in pressure from the main. After using a pressure gauge over the course of two weeks I’ve concluded that the pressure is steady. I believe it could still be an issue with my pressure regulator, but it’s likely something else.The water heater was installed by a licensed plumber who is unable to get back out for some time due to location. The amount of water coming out is not steady, but it is definitely more noticeable after running the dishwasher or washing machine, or after using the shower.Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar issue? Do I need to include more information or a better description of the issue? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3tAHyky

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