Am I wiring this correctly and is it safe?

I have a 2gang box with 2 switches in my Kitchen. One switch is a 3way, the other a single.The box has 4 circuits running into it.2x 14x32x 14x2This has been a mess since we moved into the house. Turning the light on (3way one) would occasional cause the breaker to trip. I finally opened it up and have tried to mess with it, and have gotten it to almost work with what was in there. It’s always been a mess.Now I am trying to wire it correctly. Since there’s 4x circuits coming in, that means there’s obviously 4 black and 4 neutrals. If I make rabbit tails for them for the 2 switches, that’s 6 wires needing to be tied into a wirenut.I bought an assorted pack of them, biggest one holds 4. I went to the Home Depot and they have a huge one, that is much bigger than the 4 one in the pack, but it’s for lower gage wire (thicker). So I’m not sure if I should actually do this. Is it safe to “jam” these into the huge wirenut? Or should I just get the 6 connector from wago on Amazon? Which I’m unsure will even fit behind the switches.Here are pictures! – My DIY Schematic, very profession I know. Yes I know the living room shouldn’t be redirecting from here, but I obviously will need a professional to remedy that. EDIT – I just realized the 14×2 wire going to the circuit panel should actually be the OTHER kitchen light that’s not 3way. – The actual box via /r/DIY

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