Does anyone have any experience building a bench wall on a paver patio?

I’ve drawn one out in sketchup, but was going to get some input from anyone with experience. Basically, the one I’m planning will be strong… And although there’s no such thing as too strong, i tend to overcompensate to ensure stability. Right now I’m planning on building with cinder blocks, putting rebar in the holes, then concrete in some of the holes. Then applying a faux stone facade.The cinder blocks would be at the front of the bench seat, then a row where the back of the seat meets the wall, then another taller row that would make up the backing of the bench seat. I’m making my caps from concrete. I know this will be structurally sound… But again, like, maybe it will be too much? Anyways, thanks for input in advance!If it helps, I’m in colorado! via /r/DIY

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