Old sad concrete lamp remodeled!

My downstairs neighbor handed this pastel mint concrete lamp off to me because they couldn’t get rid of it.https://ift.tt/372aNTA have been staring at it for months during quarantine, wondering how I could get it to work with the rest of the furniture in my place. I thought through a bunch of options and finally decided to go with black and gold because I wanted the light to catch the edges of the carved pattern.Everything I got from target:Rustoleum Imagine Gold PaintRustoleum Black Semi-GlossHand Made Modern 14k Gold AcrylicWashi tapeRectangular lampshadeI sprayed the whole thing with the gold and let it dry. Then went in with washi tape to cover the gold ridges and deeper carved out sections before spraying it black. I quickly learned that I should have gone with my instinct and gotten the Flat Black spray paint for better coverage and less runny paint filling into the grooves BUT we live and learn. I wanted this lamp done or gone. While the black was still wet, I used a broken pencil to wipe the black out of the grooves, letting the gold shine through and a dry toothbrush on the stems of the leaves to give it more texture.The perfectionist in me needed it cleaner so I got to work with the gold acrylic and and TINY brush. Four hours of detailing and a new lampshade later we have this beauty!https://imgur.com/gallery/BvE8sIPIt’s not perfect, but I’m pleased to have this concrete pillar in my home nowHere’s a closer look at the detailing for anyone who is interested:https://ift.tt/2Z5giMW via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2LAZzhs

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