Replacing leaking element on a new water heater

I recently purchased and installed a new Rheem water heater. After a week, I decided to bump the thermostat a tad, and found that the water heater was leaking from the bottom heating element. It’s a slow drip, but a leak none the less.I called Rheem and they are shipping me a new element. They initially said they would send a tech out to install it, but then I got a follow up email saying they have nobody in our area and I need to hire a plumber to do it, then wait 2 months to get reimbursed.I don’t mind replacing it myself. My question though is, why would it be leaking here on a brand new water heater to begin with? Under tightened? Over tightened damaging seal? Reading the reviews at the home depot site, seems a lot of them arrive this way.Picture of the leak: Leak via /r/DIY

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