Garden Enclosure – Framing Questions/ Feedback?

We have a large backyard garden that was completely ransacked all summer long by squirrels. We are looking to (as cheaply as possible) build a full enclosure/cage. We had individual cages on the garden last summer, but the mesh was plastic and the squirrels chewed right through. Essentially, we plan to frame four walls, but cover them in 1/4 inch hardware mesh. There will be no roof, just hardware cloth over top, so they won’t really have much load to bear. We saw this DIY garden bed cover online, and were essentially hoping to scale it up to a freestanding structure. Their version below is built with 2x2s. plan is to frame 4×8 panels and then put them together, like below. Does anyone have any better thoughts for bracing? We are considering also adding metal L shaped bracing to each corner, and also wondering if we need horizontal bracing in the center of each panel. Are 2x2s too weak for this, even though it won’t be holding anything up? Would really just love any thoughts from anyone with experience building something similar!4×8 panels, built with 2x2s via /r/DIY

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