I’m trying to recreate a tool out of metal pipes that my late father created years ago.

Hello,Recently I found a need to put some rebar stakes into the ground to help secure something. I thought, no problemo, I have the perfect tool for this. It was a T shaped tool that you plug your hose into and it shoots out water super fast and you just shove it into the ground and then you have a 3 foot deep small stake sized hole. I looked everywhere for it and then I found out that it must have been stolen a few years ago when some people broke into my toolshed and took a bunch of tools. I then scoured the internet looking for this tool to buy and couldn’t find it. I called my mother and asked what that thing was called and she told me that it was actually something my father (who passed away 7 years ago) built. Now I am determined to recreate this tool. Only problem, I work in an office and know jack shit about pipes and how to build it. In theory it seems like it would be pretty easy to build but I thought to best recreate it, I should ask people who know their pipes.Here is basically what it consisted of. 3 pieces of pipe and a connector center piece to make a T shape. You would screw a garden hose into one side of the top part and then it would shoot water from the bottom part which was a sort of sharp pipe which you would stick into the ground. This sharp pipe is probably my biggest setback because I have no idea what the heck kind of pipe is like this. The water coming out at the bottom would be super intense so that it dislodged the dirt. I drew a picture in paint to best describe it.If someone could help me out with what to buy to create this I would be very grateful.I don’t know if this is the best subreddit to post this on. Thanks.TLDR; I am trying to recreate a tool that my father who passed away created years ago. It looks like a T and it is made for drilling holes into the dirt. It looks like this.Edit – There is a chance that the water moved through like this with a cap on the other end of the pipe. I’m not sure. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3rKPWfp

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