Thermostat wiring , please help!

Hello, I am trying to replace my thermostat and the wires are quite confusing. I cannot figure out why W2 and O are labeled together, I could not find any resource online where they appear together. Should I assume it’s just O and ignore the W2 part of it. Also if W1 is same as W ? do have a heat pump which runs only in electricity, stage 1 only i think.Thank you for the help!Edit: the letters from top to bottom are C, R, W1, W2/O, Y, G2nd Edit: Thank you all for the response! I went to the other end of the thermostat as @foresight310 mentioned and it was easy! No W1 or W2/O , it was E/aux and O respectively. Thanks again! I can go buy a thermostat and do a diy now 🙂 via /r/DIY

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