A question about insulation along roof in the attic

My loft above the garage gets stupid hot in the summer (actually hotter than the attic). Well, covid has the wife working from home for the foreseeable future so I set her up in the guest bedroom. Now her mother (and 2 cats) have decided to move in and I need to make the loft into a home office complete with no sauna features.There is a 4-5 foot path on each side of the loft where the roof is too low to be useable and a good sized gap between the ceiling and the roof. Think 10 foot peek that’s 20 feet wide and a 12 foot wide room inside of it (I’m guessing the sizes, I havent measured yet).The previous owners did put up what looks like 3 inch bat but I’m looking at both insulating the roof and the walls with rigid foam. And throwing the quietest window ac I can find in. Here is the concern… I’m pretty good at redneck engineering but I’m trying to get better at doing things the right way.I dont care about aesthetics since it will be in an attic. My thinking is to have an air channel from eaves to ridge followed by a fat piece of foam and maybe a thinner piece to prevent thermal bridging. At the end of this post I will have a link to a project similar to what I was thinking but they sistered a 2×12 to the truss. Since I won’t be adding sheetrock, can I get away with not doing that and have something like a 7″ riggid foam attached to the 2×4? Maybe cut a 3/4″ wide section out of the sides of the foam and have the 2x4s fit in those channels eliminating the need to add additional foam to fight thermal bridging?Here’s the post I found to be similar to my thoughts. https://ift.tt/3aUWYrr via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3rL8JY5

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