Built a little console table, made some mistakes but it works :)

It’s less solid than I would have liked but it’s just meant to hold a few little things. The weak points are where the metal pipes connect to the wood on the bottom of the table, since I tried something new to save a little moneyhttps://preview.redd.it/qpzt0atypyg61.jpg?width=1104&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=6b4a5d769febc7256cd2e0ab5cddd075d249ba8eTo save a few bucks I decided to skip the flanges that attach to a flat surface, so I drilled big holes in some little pieces of wood instead and screwed the pipes into them to be attached later to the tabletop (see below)Here’s where it got complicated, since making the square faces you end up unscrewing some connections to tighten others. If I were to do it again I’d probably drill the holes slightly larger in the wood and just stick the ends of the vertical pipes into them (using a mallet to really shove them in there, maybe some wood glue for extra strength), after attaching all the metal pipes together, rather than screwing the pipes into the wood. Or just buy the damn flangesNext I screw the little wood bits into the wider wood tabletopAnd there ya go, came out to about $44 USD ($56CAD) and maybe an hour of work via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3rLprXr

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