Not sure of this is the best subreddit for this, but I really need some guidance…

Hey all,Covid has been tough on me, I lost my housing. Been sleeping in my truck the past few weeks, and renting a hotel room on the weekends so I could have some time with my son.Okay, sob story over. Some amazing family friends have welcomed me into their home, I’m currently living in their basement. There is a closet down here that has some wooden blind doors -the homeowner recently opened the closet and the blinds pulled apart causing them to fall out of place.I really want to fix it for them – they didn’t ask or anything, but I’m sure if they came downstairs and it was put back together it’d be nice.I spent the last hour trying to put it back together but have failed miserably.I tried to google how to put them together but wasn’t able to find anything… To me, these are wooden blinds – searching google with that term gives me results for window blinds, so I haven’t been able to get much guidance on how to repair it.This is what it looks like. The side in this photo is good, the side behind it has all the blinds off as the support on one side came apart.I’m hoping to get some guidance on how to get all the blinds attached to the main supports on either side.I’m not very handy so excuse me if my terminology is naive in nature.If you look at the photo you have the blinds in the middle and supports on either side.Here is the bad side. I tried just taking the blinds, putting them into the holes on the good support side, and trying to connect the other support side into them – but trying to connect that support and the 30+ blinds into their corresponding holes is frustratingly difficult – near impossible imho.Is there a better way to marry each support? How can I reapir this for them?Again, I’m way out of my element – please ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. I can take more photos of that would help as well.Thank you in advance!!!! via /r/DIY

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