Simple Bathtub surround remodel… Termite damage, re-frame window? Cut stud with wood over the tile flange!? HELP!

Hello,So I bought all my supplies to do a bathroom remodel including a Schluter bathtub surround kit. Demo began today. Now I knew this house had termite damage previously and was treated. Which in some ways was a blessing because when I was renovating the rest of the house it appears there was also a cockroach infestation, luckily the tenting killed them all.Anyway this is my last project, its the second story of a duplex. I already remodeled the rest of the bathroom and the shower surround was the last item, been putting it off because I only have the one bathroom so I am without a shower until im done.I was planning on keeping this tub because it was an odd size 28 wide by something and the stores don’t keep that in stock, the length was also an odd size, turns out they cut the studs and put smaller wood underneath (the house is 90 years old and the wood there is newer, there is also a small laundry with stacked washer dryer so not load bearing they did it for the laundry I assume. The stud I would need to attach the Kerdi board to is OVER the tile flange so not sure how to work that out.My bigger issue is the window. The termites seemed to love the window sil and the piece of wood to the left, looks like it was almost completely eaten through in parts.Photos: – Wide Shot – Window Sil – Window Sil Zoom – Window Sil Zoom – Window Sil Zoom – Window Sil Zoom – “Studs” – “Studs” – “Studs” – “Studs”Here are the options I see:WindowReframe window – I am pretty handy as I said I did the rest of the house but I am a little hesitant about re-framing a window. Especially since I’m working on the second floor and worried about the window falling out but I’ll start watching youtube videos to see how its done and if its a possibility.Remove the window entirely and close up the space. I am not tied to the window, I was planning on putting in a bathroom fan anyway. However this would involve working with my 90 year old exterior, and I’m too clumsy for a ladder so I would probably have to get someone to do the siding which is hardiboard.BathtubSince its not load bearing can I cut the studs even more and put smaller pieces of wood so im not over the tile flange?I got the tub surround kit but maybe I just go get the schulter base, remove the tub and just do a full shower?Open to any suggestions, like I said its my one bathroom so im smelly for the next few days. My plan was demo today, kerdi board tomorrow, tile sunday and grout monday. This will obviously delay that plan but I do need to get it done as soon as possible…. via /r/DIY

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