Stripped Door Hinge Screws Holes

Hello everyone,I am wondering if I could get a little bit of advice regarding stripped door hinge screw holes. My family and I recently moved into an older home, and are in the process of doing some renovations. One thing I noticed is that all (and I mean ALL) of our door hinge holes are stripped. One of the previous owners of the house used what appears to be #8 3″ wood screws rather than actual door hinge screws.My question is, due to the much larger hole made from these wood screws, is my best option still to plug the holes with carpenters wood glue like some are suggesting or is there a different, more effective method? I tried to research this inquiry, but the majority of the links I am seeing refer to plugging holes made by standard size hinge screws that typically come with the hinge.Thank you for your time in advance and assistance. via /r/DIY

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