Can I thin out Titebond 3 with alcohol in order to fit it into a hairline crack?

I’ve already checked Google but the results only come up about loosening dried Titebond with denatured alcohol.I have a 1.5” hairline crack in a cutting board that I need filled and I think it’ll be difficult fitting the TB3 in that small space. I was hoping if I combined alcohol with the Titebond it would thin it out temporarily and then perhaps the alcohol might absorb into the wood or evaporate before the Titebond dries.Titebond 3 completely cures in 6 hours. I don’t know if the alcohol will evaporate in time, given the tight space. I also don’t know if alcohol will somehow chemically alter the Titebond even if the alcohol does evaporate in time.Any thoughts? via /r/DIY

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