Question: Are “concrete blocks” too fragile to use as patio pavers or walkway pavers? Details in text post.

Are cheap “concrete blocks” strong enough to be used for patio pavers?I am building a roughly 12 x 8 paver patio and two roughly 2′ x 30′ walkways in my backyard in Sacramento, CA, USDA Zone 9b (rarely freezing temps).I am debating using cheap “concrete blocks” or “end caps” (plain text link below) for most of the walkways and, possibly, the patio itself.However, when I used these before for a shed foundation, I found some to be quite brittle; they can take direct force downward but tend to crack in half if bent at all.I checked the usual sites on Google, HomeDepot Q&A, and Reddit, but I could not find a clear answer.Imgur plain text link of cheap concrete block: via /r/DIY

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