Help with slow Whirlpool dryer w11040073a

Hey there. As the title says, I’m looking for help with a slow w11040073a dryer. I have done an air flow test and confirmed that air is not being sucked through the lint filter even though the filter is clean. I made some progress taking the front panel off but ultimately determined I was a bit out of my comfort zone so replaced what I have done and I’m looking for an exact route to clean the inside of the dryer. I have been in this house for about 2 years and the dryer was new when I purchased the house. I am having someone come to inspect the vent and lines but I suspect there is a significant amount of lint thanks to my dog in the body of the dryer.I have looked in the owner’s manual which has no disassembly diagram and instead it says to contact Whirlpool repair technician which I am open to doing however I’ve seen other posts on here which highlight how easy of a job this should be. Can anyone point me to instructions disassembling this specific dryer? I have not been able to find a video of a dryer in the same configuration most are much older models with far fewer electronics and harnessing.Additionally if there is anything I can do to supplement the lint filter please let me know.Thanks in advance for the help. via /r/DIY

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