How do I repair plaster over brick?

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m officially at my wits end. My house is plaster and lathe and all nails I’ve seen are smithed nails. I don’t know how old the house is as those records no longer exist. In an effort to put new shelves in an old closet I attempted to pull a nail out assuming it was through the plaster and in to wood. It wasn’t. It was in a brick from an old chimney. The brick broke and the plaster broke away. I now have an oblong hole in the plaster about eight inches high and five inches at it’s widest point. There is exposed brick in part of it but the depth is uneven and some is just exposed plaster. There is no lathe here. I have read multiple articles about how to repair and some seem to take weeks and some only hours. There’s also conflicting information on whether I need to apply plaster and then tape or just plaster. Do I use plaster patch compound? It seems there are a hundred conflicting answers. I can’t seem to find anything from this old house on plaster over brick on interior walls. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. via /r/DIY

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