Laminate flooring glue melted

Hi all, recently I bought a whole bunch of laminating flooring, but when I received it the adhesive glue seems to be watery and melted. Also when I tried to place it on the floor, it will not adhere to the surface anymore.As I bought it online, I contacted the seller and they said that it’s probably due to direct exposure to the sun which resulted in the melt. I did not keep it under the sun but possibly the fault happened during shipment. There’s no refund.I’m trying to find a way to salvage it. I tried searching on google ‘laminate flooring glue melted’ but the results did not address my problem, as the posts talk about removing laminating floor instead.Does anyone have any experience with this issue? How do i salvage these laminate flooring. It would be such a waste to throw it away. I have 19 cartons of it… via /r/DIY

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