Use a terminal bus or fuse box to attach accessories and motor to 12v battery?

I am making a battery box for my boat and need to attach all the electronics to the 12v battery along with the cables coming from the motor to keep it charge/use it as a starter for the motor. Here are the important details:- 12v battery with quick connects- The boat motor has ring connects and is normally just electrical tapped to the battery, used for the electric start feature and charges the battery when motor is running- The rocker switches have no connections yet, just bare wire- The voltage panel has quick connect clipsIf it wasnt for the motor cables then I’d most likely just splice all the wires together or use a split female clip to then hook to the battery, but then I wont have a spot for the motor/charging cables.Photos in album are my poorly drawn diagram, an example of a battery box like I’m building (without cables for charging while in use), and my battery type. via /r/DIY

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