Using a Single Pull Single Throw vacancy sensor for two light circuits?

I recently renovated all of the cut in fixtures in my house to LED retrofits. I think the total number ended up being roughly 50. The next step is to put in vacancy sensors in some areas where it makes sense, to lower power usage due to lights left on. One of the places I will be doing this is in our guest bathrooms. Currently, the exhaust fan and bathroom light circuits are run out of a 2 gang box with two separate switches. To lower costs (rather than replace both switches with the vacancy sensors) I had an idea. How about if I use one switch with a higher amperage rating and connect both bathroom circuits to it?Incoming hot terminal = single wire from 15 amp breaker. Outgoing hot terminal = 2 wires(one that runs a light and exhaust fan, and one that runs some incandescent lights over the mirror.I’ve replaced switches before but I’ve never done this. After many google searches, I’m still not sure if this will work. Theoretically, it should work as long as the switch is rated for the amperage right? Or… this is a horrible idea and I should just use two switches.Please let me know. Thanks! via /r/DIY

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