Closet Renovation – Unsure of Drywall/Material all, hope this fits the subreddit.We’ve recently started some light remodeling on a house we purchased, built in 1978.After removing some beadboard of an unknown date in this closet, we ran into what appears to be some kind of drywall or older fiber/gypsum board. Looks like a relatively thick cardboard/paperboard shell to it.So far I’ve tried to match it up to different types and ages of material, but can’t find exactly what we’re looking at. From what we can find, there aren’t any specific markings or labels for manufacturer, date of manufacture, or materials included.The seams aren’t taped or closed with any kind of compound, and we’re hesitant to just demo it out further without knowing what it might be made of.We’re wondering if anyone can point us in the right direction for this stuff, or what our best bet might be for refinishing it? Would it be safe to mud/tape like drywall, then prime and paint? via /r/DIY

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