Frozen Pipes?

My area was just hit with a cold blast, and I woke up this morning to a kitchen sink with no cold water. Surprisingly the hot water worked for a bit, but then that stopped working too. Additionally, the cold water in my bathtub is down to a dribble, but the hot water there is still at full blast. My house is on a crawl space, so I army crawled around in the mud to find the culprit. I put a hairdryer to the kitchen sink supply lines to no avail. I ran that sucker for half an hour probably before I was too cold to stay under there any longer, wind chill was -20°F today. I looked around for cracks in pipes while I was down there, and didn’t see anything. No leak spotted in the bathtub supply lines, so the low cold pressure there is weird. The plumbing is all copper with PEX for the last few feet going into the sinks.I’m a carpenter, I only have basic plumbing knowledge so I’m not sure how to go about this further. I tried finding pipe warming tape or even just a space heater to put under there, but every store in my area is sold out, Amazon can’t deliver until Friday when temps will be above freezing again. Any ideas on what to do next? Otherwise I’ve finally just resigned to being prepared to have to do some pipe repairs if they burst, at least they’re somewhat easily accessible in the crawl space, shouldn’t be any demo required to access them. via /r/DIY

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