How can I install a plastic shed on a slightly sloped concrete floor?

I’m looking at a shed like this: spot (next to the house) where I want to put it is concrete, but it slopes down slightly from the house. The back of the shed would be against the house, and due to the slope, the front of the shed would be about an inch or so lower than the back.1) Would this be a problem? I have read in the reviews people mentioning that it has to be level or else the doors won’t line up or open correctly, but I don’t have a way of knowing *how* uneven their installations were.2) Should I try to level it off somehow? How? Could I just add something (some sort of tiles?) that are about an inch high at the front? In that case, I’d be worried about the floor bending (especially when standing in it) since most of it would be off the ground to some degree. I’m having a hard time seeing how I could create a platform that is ~8′ x 4′ and is 1″ high at one side, tapering off to no height at the other side.‚ÄčThank you! via /r/DIY

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