How far can a ceiling girder span?

Edit: Man, if I’d just asked here in the first place I’d have saved myself years of wondering and hours of research. The post stays, and will likely be joined by it’s long lost brother. Thanks!TL;DR – Can my existing girder cover a 20′ span without my ceiling collapsing?I have a 22’x20′ room in my single story house with an attic crawlspace above it. There is a girder, comprised of two 2″x10″s, spanning the 20′ length, supporting the rafters.When the house was built, there were two posts under this girder, placed roughly 6.5′ in from either end, with a wall in between them providing a visual barrier between the living room at kitchen. At some point before I purchased the house 11 years ago, someone remodeled and removed one post and the visual barrier, and built a bookshelf from the other post to the exterior wall. This makes the space extremely awkward to work with.What I’m trying to figure out is does the remaining post need to be there at all? I asked a contractor who came in for a minor job, and referred me to a structural engineer, who ghosted me. The next SE I called did the same thing, and a third declined to come out at all because it was too small (which is probably why the first two never called back in the first place). I’ve tried doing my own research online, but I feel like I’m coming up with conflicting answers (one site said 12′ was the max span for this size girder, another said 21′).Here are some photos of the crawlspace, if it helps any. via /r/DIY

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